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How to sign up as yourself / parent / guardian

  1. As Signup is invitation based only you will require this to complete your sign up. Either get invited by an existing member or associate yourself to a partner listed at the step 2 to complete your sign up.
  2. Set appropriate privacy level under Privacy Settings menu. Whether it is a guardian account or possible prospect profile.
  3. Create sub profile (s) under the menu option Profile >> Sub Profile.
  4. After creating sub profile Go to the menu option Profile >> sub Profiles and select appropriate profile to add further details.
  5. Now please add Personal, Professional and Family details along with Profile interests to receive matching Prospects.

For any questions feel free to call us back or write an email to info [at] humsafar.eu

HFC Sign up form

Where to get an invitation code?

As you know Humsafar Family Community sign up is invitation based only. Invitation code can be obtained from the partners listed for your country or an existing member can invite you under Support menu option after the login.

Partner responsibilities

  • Communicate HFC model to its users
  • Provide invitation code to users for the sign up at www.humsafar.eu
  • Verify signed up users
  • Manage / moderate invited members
  • Provide support to its members
  • Recommend prospects and manage invited member

If you are intersted in being a parter. Look at the partner requirements here.

What to do after signing up?

  • After your sign-up please complete your profile for each option under PROFILE menu on left.
  • Once your profile is complete please click on the PROFILE INTERESTS menu and add what kind of prospect would you like to have.
  • After you have completed your profile interests please select SEARCH PROSPECT menu to look for possible prospects according to your given interests.
  • For broader search results please consider to update your account to a desired subscription under SUBSCRIPTION menu. Costs are barely for the maintenance of this community portal.

Let us know if you have any further queries in this regard and we will be glad to assist you further.

What are HFC socializing options

There are are four possible HFC Socializing / interactive options availble.

Like a Prospect
Prospect is a possible profile that maybe interested in. If you will hit “Like a Prospect” option the selected prospect will be notified that you maybe interested. This is just kind of poke feature.

You can invite any possible prospect to view your profile. If the prospect will accept your invite you will be able to see the prospect profile in details. Usually premium profile has this option available to them without an invite option though if prospect accepts invite you can see full details of the profile.

If you “Follow” a prospect you may get status updates posted by that profile. (This feature is still under development and may not work ideally)

You can send a personalize message to any prospect if you would like to describe your profile in detail and interest to the prospect.

– “Pink” header represents a profile of a girl and “blue” header represents profile of a boy.